Everyone knows what a difference does it make to ride with a tailwind. We are looking for one too! Starting today, we are launching an online fundraiser “Tailwind for Tools”. We’ve set a high goal – $10,000! But our dreams are big too.

Here is what we will do with that amount:

  1. SprocketsUpdate our space by installing two new repair stands in what is now only a storage area.
  2. Replace our most heavily used and worn tools.
  3. Upgrade our light fixtures and bulbs to more sustainable standards.
  4. Remodel our front desk, add a theft-protected display area for bicycle parts, and create a small lounge area for our patrons and volunteers.
  5. Update our computers to increase productivity.

Give us a tailwind!

With new bike stands, we can run full-time programs at the shop without interrupting our staff mechanics’ work schedules, and we can ensure that our more specialized tools are protected from theft.

We purchased many of our tools when we started ten years ago. With over 1,500 annual users coming to our Open Shop, they have seen a lot of use and many of them need to be replaced.

Our current light fixtures are for old fluorescent bulbs which are no longer manufactured in the U.S. New lighting will help everyone who uses the shop to see what they’re working on. It will also be more energy efficient and sustainable.

A smaller and more efficient front desk will protect our higher-value items from theft and will optimize the check-in/check-out system.

A lounge area will let our volunteers rest during their shifts and give our patrons a place to wait comfortably without crowding the busy routes through the shop. It will also add life to our community gatherings and events.

Newer computers will help our staff productivity. We’re not looking for cutting edge here, but our current machines practically lock up when attempting to multitask.

We know this goal is high, but $10,000 will let us make all four dreams come true.

We appreciate every donation big and small. Every dollar counts!

If we reach our $10,000 goal by January 31st, all our donors will be invited to a celebration and a Goodbye-to-the-Old-Space party. On Sunday, January 31, we will be open all day, sharing stories, starting new friendships and maintaining old ones, and working on kids’ bikes that will be given away to newly arrived refugee children. Light snacks and refreshments on us! You know, we’ll make a party even if don’t reach that goal 😉

Thank you from all our pink sprocket hearts!

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