Get a free bike through a referral from one of our partner organizations.


Our dedicated Freecyclery Partners refer individuals to us to receive a free bicycle.

The referral should provide us with the following information:

  • What are the clients’ first and last names, pronouns, height, weight and age?
  • Does the client have a preferred bike type? We will do our best to match a client with a bike of their choice, but are constrained by what we have available at any given time.
  • Why does this client need a bike? Please help us understand how having a working bike will make a difference to this client?
  • Will the agency or the client pay the $25 to cover the lock and helmet cost? Our shop depends on donations from individuals and organizations, so your help to defray our costs is appreciated!

Please contact us if you need more information about the referral process. If you are interested in becoming a referral partner, please review this standard letter to potential referral partners or contact us! We are always open to exploring new collaborations.

“Lack of transportation is a major barrier in both treatment and community integration of individuals with psychiatric disabilities. For many, their bike is their most valuable possession, serving as reliable transportation to work, school, or necessary medical appointments.”
-Brent Peterson, Director of Development

“I work but did not have enough money to pay for my rent, groceries, and other items I need plus bus fare. Having a bike made it easier to make my money last and not worry about calling off work.”
Connections for the Homeless


As an alternative to a referral from a partner organization, we offer opportunities for adults and youth to earn a Freecyclery bike through our Earn-a-Bike Fellowship programs.