We teach bicycle maintenance through our introductory Tune Up Class and our more advanced Overhaul Class.

  • These classes are for adults
  • Bring your own bike to the class
  • We do not have storage, but we try to make sure it’s ridable by the end of each session
  • Geared bicycles are recommended over single speeds or fixed gears
  • We will provide hand-outs to help with learning

Pay for a class below to sign up! Email us if you cannot afford the full amount. You may also pay at our shop, but you are not registered until we receive payment. If less than four people register for a class, we generally try to reset the class dates for the near future. If you are not available for the rescheduled dates, we will cancel and return payment. Otherwise, there are no refunds for registration fees.

Tune-Up Class

This class will introduce you to basic bicycle maintenance. We’ll cover tool and component terminology, fixing a flat, chain maintenance, brake adjustments, and basic shifting adjustments.

Overhaul Class

You’ll learn how to disassemble, reassemble, and adjust each major mechanical system of your bicycle week-by-week.

The Overhaul Class is somewhat cumulative; each week the topics build on knowledge gained in the previous week. If you have to miss a session we will make an effort to catch you up in the free hour before class the following week, but if you miss several classes in a row you risk falling behind. We’ll also provide new cables and housing for this class.

To register, visit our online shop.