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4th Annual Tailwind for Tools Fun-draiser!

Last year we surpassed our fundraising goal, coming in at $5,345.00 and making it our most successful fundraising campaign yet! Thanks to the generosity of our friends, we were able to sponsor more youth rides, train more young adults, give away more bikes, inaugurate new programming, and continue serving the Howard area community in Rogers Park. Please consider financially supporting our educational and Freecyclery programs this holiday season. When you donate to The Recyclery, you are helping to share cycling with our community. Give us a push!

Tailwind For Tools is our annual winter fundraiser. Every year it ends with an Open House party! Our 2019 Tailwind for Tools Open House is on February 10th. Can you help us reach our $10,000 goal and have a true celebration? We will be posting a schedule of activities and events when we get closer to the date. Follow this link to learn more about last year’s finale celebration.  It was a blast!

Please consider financially supporting The Recyclery’s educational programs this holiday season. Your gifts go a long way in helping The Recyclery share cycling with our community.

Donate Here!

We love you & we need you! Your support is needed more than ever:

  • $5 donation buys a flat tire repair kit for 1 youth
  • $10 donation covers an hour of Open Shop time for the many in our community who can’t donate
  • $25 donation buys lock and a helmet for 1 youth
  • $75 donation provides 1  Tune-Up Class scholarship
  • $180 donation provides 1 Overhaul Class scholarship
  • $500 fully funds one Earn-a-Bike program for local youth

Any amount – small or large – is very appreciated and helpful 

Some workplaces offer to match your donation. Check to see if your employer has such a program. You could encourage your colleagues to donate as well!

The FUN part

The Tailwind For Tools campaign finale is on Valentine’s Day weekend (‘cause we love our Recyclery friends) . You won’t want to miss this year’s Open House party at the shop. This year we are bringing back the funky bike photo booth, bike-part-upcycling crafts, DIY screen printing, food, live music, and adding more fun activities to our all day event.

Check out event sponsorship opportunities!

Please join us for WTF Open Shop Night!!!

WTF Open Shop Night: By The Recyclery, Women Bike Chicago, & CommunityCave Chicago

Every 4th Sunday 6pm-9pm, The Recyclery co-hosts WTF (Women | Trans | Femme) Open Shop Night in collaboration with Women Bike Chicago and CommunityCave Chicago. This program is led by WTF mechanics from both Women Bike Chicago and The Recyclery, with CommunityCave helping to create a intentionally inclusive space for our trans and gender expansive community members.

WTF Night is for people who identify as women, trans/nonbinary, or femme. Participants learn new skills, get practical help with their own bikes, and contribute to the Recyclery’s Freecyclery program. WTF Night is a time for leaders and participants alike to share knowledge and skills with other community members. People at all skill and experience levels are encouraged to join.

For those working on their own bikes, there is a $10 per hour requested donation (more if you can, less if you can’t). Check out The Recyclery for more information their programming.

Please get to know our partners in this endeavor, Women Bike Chicago & CommunityCave Chicago through their respective websites!