Recyclery Updates

We have lots going on! Here are a few updates:

New Computers Needed!
Do you or your workplace happen to replace your computers often? Our current desktops are super slow which makes everything take forever. Please consider donating your relatively fast computer to help make us more efficient! We have monitors, keyboards and mice. We could also use a b&w laser printer (not to be picky, but inkjets with their cartridges don’t cut it). Let us know if you can help:

Upcoming Classes
We have one upcoming class.

  • Tune-Up Class
    September 20 & 21st
    Sunday & Monday evenings 6-9pm

Learn more and register for a class here!

Extra Sales
For the month of August and September we will sell bicycles at our shop Wednesday evenings 6pm-8pm in addition to our regular Saturday 10am-noon hours. We’ve got a lot of great bikes in stock! Learn more about Used Bike Sales.