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North Shore Century Charity Partnership

The year as an expansion of our partnership with Evanston Bicycle Club’s North Shore Century, we’ve joined on as a Charity Partner! Recyclery patrons, friends and volunteers can choose to donate part of their registration fee and have it go directly to the shop to help fund our programs. Below you can find the steps and links to do so. Happy riding and we hope to see you all there!

STEP 1: Make a $5 donation to the shop HERE that includes a registration discount code, reducing the registration fee from $40 (the early bird price) to $36. Donating $25 will include a Recyclery T-shirt that you can pick up at the shop!

STEP 2: Wait up to one business day to receive an email that includes your discount code. This is done manually, so please be patient!

Step 3: Use that discount code at the registration link provided on THIS PAGE.

Step 4: Show up Sunday, September 15th 2024 and RIDE! We plan on having a small gathering at the start of the ride, so keep an eye out for an email and Instagram post when we get closer to the 15th!

Tailwind for Tools

We’re excited to announce The Recyclery Collective’s 7th annual Tailwind For Tools Fundraiser!

From October 8th to December 31st of 2023, we will be hosting a series of charity events to help keep our shop lights on and our community programs running smoothly. While sales of refurbished bikes covers a significant portion of our operating expense, your financial support can help us improve operations and empower more people to ride bikes!

If you would like to donate, click “Donate” below or check out our GiveButter page here!

We’ve Added a New Open Shop Session

Thanks to new volunteers and hosts, we are able to offer another Open Shop session Tuesdays from 5pm to 7pm. To make room, Tuesday Volunteer Hours have been moved to Mondays 5:30pm to 7:30pm. We are slowly getting back to the level of programming we offered prior to the COVID-induced shutdown. By way of reminder, Open Shop is where you can bring in your own bike and get guidance from volunteer bike mechanics and use our shop tools.

Thank you to Tom, Dana and all unnamed volunteers for your help!

Our Mission

The Recyclery Collective is an educational bike shop that promotes sustainability by giving access to tools, skills, and opportunities for collaboration.

Our Vision

We envision a diverse, resilient neighborhood filled with knowledgeable, self-reliant cyclists.

Our Values

  • Collaboration: We create opportunities for people of all backgrounds to work, share, and learn together to support a practical form of transportation.
  • Social Justice: We provide tools and resources to empower underserved populations and nurture community leaders.
  • Ecological Sustainability: We encourage the mindful use of resources and promote cycling as a part of building more resilient communities.
  • Celebrating Everything We Do: We like to have fun while working hard to make bicycles and mechanics accessible.

Our Structure

The Recyclery is a 501c3 non-profit run primarily by volunteers. All major decisions are made by a quorum of collective members at a twice-a-month meeting. The Collective follows a consensus decision making model and is open to anyone willing to put in the time and effort to fulfill collective entry requirements. A few staff members are paid for administrative tasks, fixing bikes for sale, and teaching classes. Meet our collective and staff members here.

Our Support

The Recyclery is grateful for all the support we receive from the wider community.