Our next W.T.F. Night is Sunday, 10/22!!!

Every 4th Sunday 6pm-9pm, The Recyclery hosts W.T.F. (Women, Trans, Femme) Night in collaboration with Women Bike Chicago. This program is run by W.T.F. mechanics from both Women Bike Chicago and The Recyclery.

W.T.F. Night is for people who identify as women, trans, or femme. Participants learn new skills, get practical help with their own bikes, and contribute to the Recyclery’s Freecyclery program. W.T.F. Night is a time for leaders and participants alike to share knowledge and skills with other community members.

For those working on their own bikes, there is a $10/hour requested donation (more if you can, less if you can’t). Check out The Recyclery for more information their programming.