David Bates Board member collective member

David Bates-Jefferys knows that bikes can lead to a healthier lifestyle, a more vibrant community and a cleaner environment. He enjoys slow rolling through North Chicagoland, biking out to breweries or even the hectic rush of bike commuting downtown. David often finds that hosting open shop is the highlight of his week, and would love to empower you with bike wrenching knowledge.

Katie Bowes - collective member

Katie Bowes, born and raised in Michigan, Katie has been an avid biker since moving to Chicago in 2009. She hosts both Tuesday Open Shop and WTF Open Shop, teaches our Tune-Up and Overhaul classes. In addition to her work with the Collective, Katie is a League Cycling Instructor, and in 2018, she was the recipient of the UBI/QBP Women’s Bicycle Mechanic Scholarship, which sent her to Oregon for 2 weeks to study mechanics at the United Bicycle Institute. When she’s not riding her bike, Katie enjoys tinkering with bikes, coffee, knitting, stickers, going to the batting cages with her boyfriend, and giving pedicures to her cat, Vernors.

Matt Ford - collective member and treasurer

Matt Ford – nothing gets his wheels turning like the thought of a world on bikes. He can be found at the Recyclery on Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons working towards that vision. He has recently got his PhD at Northwestern studying bikes, of all things. Currently serves as a Treasurer of the Board.

Igna Miniotas - collective member and president

Igna Miniotas has been volunteering since 2012 and a collective member since 2014, she found The Recyclery to be a great platform for creative projects and ideas. She is the collective’s graphic and web designer and partakes in several committees. Currently serving as a President of the Board.

Peat - collective member and staff mechanic

Peat Moss is the lead mechanic and also manages bike acquisition of donations. Peat has been active in the collective since 2008 and hosts shop events, leads projects, and teaches classes.

Tzippy Rhodes Freecyclery program manager and collective member

Tzippora Rhodes  coordinates the Freecyclery program, runs youth programs, and also teaches our Tune Up Class as part of the staff. Tzippy is also a dedicated collective member of many years. When her bike got stolen one week after moving to Chicago in 2007, she got started fixing up old bikes, and hasn’t stopped since.

keon turner - collective member and secretary

Keon Turner is a long time presence at the shop and a dedicated collective member and volunteer. He loves to get dirty, fix stuff, and help people that need it. Keon enjoys seeing others understanding the knowledge he’s able to share and vice versa. Currently serves as a Secretary of the Board.