Join us for an evening of storytelling and adventure sharing.

Friday, March 29 at 6:30 pm

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Igna and Tomas, our long-time volunteers, have just gotten back from a superb 5-month bicycle tour in the well stereotyped continent of Africa.

It’s not your casual bike tour – it’s a TANDEM bike tour! Thus, double the fun 😍

The couple explored Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, the 3 unique countries of the cradle of humanity and will be answering the most FAQ, including:

🚲 How they breathlessly pushed through the highest peaks
🚲 Why Ethiopian children throw rocks at cyclists
🚲 How Tomas and Tomas kindled their friendship in a faraway tribal home
🚲 How Christian missionaries helped them through the Kenyan desert
🚲 What made them detour another 800 km
🚲 How they found “the real Africa” in Tanzania
🚲 What did they get from a local millionaire
🚲 Why Igna cried on the shores of the Indian Ocean

🦁 🐆 🐘 🐝

As a gratitude to the Recyclery for hosting and supporting this presentation, Igna and Tomas are kindly asking guests to make a DONATION at the door. Does $20 sound OK? Regardless of your contribution – no one will be left standing outside.


Some stories and photos can be found at

*this is a family friendly event

*snacks to share are welcom